The Walter F. Bohl Community Center opened May 16, 2001 after extensive renovation of the former Marble Rock School Gymnasium, and is now Handicap accessible with air conditioning and a full-service kitchen.

The facility is available for many different activities. Here are some examples: walking in the mornings, basketball league play, wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries, funerals, family reunions, dances, auction and  fund raisers.

To book a date for an event, contact Beverly Fisher at 641.397.2224 or .

Fees to use of the facility are as follows. There is a $50.00 refundable deposit if area is properly cleaned, nothing missing and no damage.

        Gymnasium - $75.00 plus $50.00 deposit for a total of $125.00

        Kitchen - $75.00 plus $50.00 deposit for a total of $125.00

        Use of both Gymnasium and kitchen - $125.00 plus $50.00 deposit for a total of $175.00

        Bar is available upon request.  

The Walter F. Bohl Community Center  is a non-profit operation managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. All income raised pays overhead costs, maintenance and improvements.

For those who want to walk week-day mornings, a Community Center Membership is required at $50/yr for a family and $25/yr for an individual.

There are tables and chairs to seat 150 people. Over 500 people can be comfortable seated on the bleachers. The kitchen includes two-oven commercial stove, coffee pots and table service for 150 people. Following photos show some past events:


Above shows seating for a sit-down meal.


One of the largest events ever held was a benefit for a ill child as shown above. To the rear of the photo is a stage.

Small groups may rent the kitchen separately from the gymnasium for meetings. There is seating and tables to accommodate around 50 people.

Above shows the kitchen and the cooking area. Note: The Commercial Stove. Prime rib was cooked on-site by the Lions Club for a fund raiser.


This photo shows the seating area within the kitchen where smaller groups may hold meetings, family reunions and other small events.

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